Is big business too social media shy when it comes to customer service?

New findings from Genesys Research shows that big businesses are still uneasy with embracing social media when it comes to customer service. For example, more than half (55%) of consumer-facing Fortune 500 businesses do not provide their Twitter ‘handles’ on the ‘Contact Us’ page of their websites, making it more difficult for customers to engage with them over social media networks.

Additionally, despite the fact that Facebook has 900 million users across the world, only half of these businesses (51 per cent) provide a link to their Facebook page on the “Contact Us” section of their company website.
Is this the right strategy for big companies to adopt, especially when you consider how public social media conversations can be? Are big companies right to be wary of allowing customers vent any of their problems and complaints through a social media forum? Or should big business simply accept the inevitable, embrace social media fully, and accept that it has to be a two-way conversation and that the pros outweigh the cons?
Regardless of the answer, this underlines the importance of companies having a detailed and well thought through online strategy in place before they decide to embrace social media as a channel of communication. However, as a new generation of consumers gets more and more used to communicating online, perhaps companies will have no choice but to embrace social media fully and take the good with the bad…

One thought on “Is big business too social media shy when it comes to customer service?

  1. Hi Daragh, you are right, potentially every business have their pages on FB but only quite q few have FB links on their website, they are definitely afraid of that strategy backfiring them. I was reading this book on Social media markting and it emphasized and gave many examples wherein social media was responsible for their success, although you might get bad reviews about your product but that is only going to help improve the product/service and in turn showing on the media that you care bout your customers and are ready to change course for them.
    Social media can also be very helpful in trying out new products/services before officially launching them. Its really a bug help for companies who don’t have big pockets for mass advertising.


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