Mixing tradition and digital marketing technology

At this stage we’re increasingly used to seeing QR codes on everything from newspapers to packaging and even TV. But have you ever seen one made from stone?
The Portuguese tourist board decided to combine historical tradition with new marketing technology to create a unique way to promote Portugal as a tourist destination.
One of the newest tools in digital marketing, QR codes, was made from a unique art with over 500 years of history, Portuguese cobblestone. The QR code of stone was then placed on the streets of Lisbon and further afield for travellers to scan and find out more about Portugal.
The end result was a world first for QR codes and a pretty cool marketing idea too!
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QR codes – are we using them to their full potential?

Similar to bar codes, QR codes can store data that can be read by a scanner. What makes them better than the familiar bar code, however, is that a QR code can store up to several hundred times more data in a smaller space.

QR codes are now one of the latest ‘in’ things for marketeers. But are they being used to their full potential?

A bar in Singapore thought outside the box and used them as a ‘flirting’ tool for its customers! Needless to say, beer sales doubled…